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Outbalanced carb diet against reflux

17.07.2013 by Reflux Medical

Outbalanced carb diet against Reflux and metabolic dysbalance. Here you learn how nutrition eliminates Reflux and Heartburn without need for medical therapy or antireflux surgery.

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Barrett‘s esophagus in diabetics: more frequent, but less symptomatic.

15.03.2012 by Reflux Medical

Association of Diabetes and HBA1c levels with gastrointestinal manifestations.

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Reflux Medical-Metabolic: Diabetes positively associates with Barrett‘s esophagus.

15.03.2012 by Reflux Medical

Barrett‘s esophagus is positively linked to diabetes, male gender, age > 55 years, NSAID/ASA use. Implications for screening and therapy.

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Cigarette smoking positively correlates with Barrett‘s esophagus.

26.01.2012 by Reflux Medical

Cigarette smoking is associated with an increased risk for Barrett‘s esophagus...

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Sugar metabolism, GERD and Barrett's esophagus: role of insulin.

27.10.2011 by Reflux Medical

Persons with GERD symptoms ± Barrett‘s esophagus have increased insulin and insulin...

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