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Cigarette smoking positively correlates with Barrett‘s esophagus.

26.01.2012 by Reflux Medical

Cigarette smoking is associated with an increased risk for Barrett‘s esophagus. Screening Endoscopy should be offered to smokers for the exclusion of Barrett‘s esophagus and cancer risk.

Cigarette smoking increases risk of Barrett‘s esophagus: an analysis of the Barrett‘s and Esophageal adenocarcinoma consortium.

Cook MB, Shaheen NJ, Anderson LA, et al.
Gastroenterology 2012; ahead of print.

Barrett‘s esophagus, this is columnar lined esophagus without Dysplasia, results from gastroesophageal Reflux and associates with an increased cancer risk (0.5% annual risk).
In this study the authors compared data of 1332 persons with Reflux without Barrett‘s esophagus, 1059 persons with Barrett‘s esophagus and 1143 individuals without Reflux disease and Barrett#s esophagus. The study tested the associations with cigarette smoking.

The authors found that Barrett‘s esophagus positively associated with cigarette smoking (OR 1.67 with controls and OR 1.61 with Reflux without Barrett‘s esophagus). The risk increased with the number of cigarette consumption per day. Furthermore, cigarette smoking positively associated with Heartburn or regurgitation.

Taken together, cigarette smoking increases the risk for Barrett‘s esophagus. Thus, in addition to symptoms of Gastroesophageal reflux disease, cigarette smoking represents a risk factor for Barrett‘s esophagus.
Thus, persons with history of cigarette smoking should be offered screening Endoscopy for the exclusion of Barrett‘s esophagus and cancer risk.

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